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​Private & Personalised Game Viewing

Travel to Ximuwu to experience the ultimate safari experience – a personalised safari inside a private South African conservation game reserve, lush with indigenous landscapes and abundant wildlife.

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Exclusive Unlimited Access

Guests at Ximuwu have exclusive and unlimited access to a game-viewing vehicle, private safari guide, and tracker. You have the freedom to plan and choose activities to your liking, and our staff will make your game-viewing dreams a reality. 

Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is home to all of the African Big 5 (lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo), African wild dogs, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, multiple antelope species, and over 500 different species of birds. Ximuwu offers unique game drives and walking safaris in an exclusive area of the Greater Kluger National Park, where you are guaranteed to be the only guests. 

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At Your Pace

Unlike conventional safari camps, Ximuwu guests have the freedom to experience game drives whenever they choose. The best time to explore the bush is early morning and late afternoon, but our outings are tailored to suit your preferences and group dynamics.

Our incredibly passionate and highly qualified safari guide and tracker team are available whenever you are to guide you through the beauty and wonder of the Lowveld—experience South Africa’s unique landscape on a personalised tour like no other. 

walking safaris

Immerse Yourself

The best way to truly experience Africa is on foot and at one with nature. Ximuwu is one of the few destinations where walking is an integral part of the safari experience. Guests can explore the bush and observe wildlife up close and personal on tracks and trails undisturbed by vehicle traffic. Often, the animals are completely unaware of your presence, and they can be observed in their natural state and habitat – an amazing and rare opportunity!

Justin van Breda and Sabre Meeser, our walking safari guides, are fully qualified trails guides with over ten years of on-foot experience within the African Big 5 areas.

night drives

Starlight Exploration

As the sun sets over the horizon on another day in Africa, we invite you to join us on a unique night safari. With state-of-the-art thermal vision goggles, guests are able to observe nocturnal behaviour without the disturbance of light. Spot something? Hit record and our night vision goggles will capture that memory for you to keep forever.

sound safaris

Unique Experience

Sometimes it’s not about what you see in the bush but what you can hear! You have not fully experienced the bush until you can hear as the animals do. Our sound safaris are a must-do, a truly (ear) opening experience that will connect you to nature in a way you will have never felt before.  

Our directional microphones and amplifiers provide a unique sensory experience that connects you to nature in a way like no other.

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Capture Incredible Memories

Lauded as South Africa’s premier safari destination, Kruger National Park is home to some of the finest photographic safaris on the continent. For travellers passionate about photography, few places rival the privacy and flexibility of a photographic safari with Ximuwu in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve.

Ximuwu’s exclusive and personalised game drives or walking safaris are perfect for keen photographers (and beginners!). The best light of the day is early morning and late afternoon, where golden light bathes the landscape creating phenomenal photo opportunities. However, as everything is tailored to your desires, you can have the best of both worlds if you choose.

Ximuwu is home to two underground photography hides – a morning hide and an afternoon hide. The morning hide is situated within walking distance from the main lodge and positioned to capture early morning activity during the first light of day. Our afternoon hide is a short 10-minute drive from the lodge and overlooks a pristine fresh water source. The afternoon hide has been designed to take advantage of the daylight but is also perfect for nighttime photography.

Both hides are equipped with stands, gimbals, and power for uninterrupted photography, and both are fully wheelchair accessible.

The exclusivity of Ximuwu, and the vast size of the reserve, means you will never be competing for that perfect shot, vantage point, or light – it’s all yours.




We have two underground hides at Ximuwu - a morning hide and an afternoon hide – positioned perfectly for optimal light conditions.


Ximuwu Spa

A sanctuary to get lost in, guests can enjoy a variety of relaxing spa treatments just a stone’s throw from their suite.


Sleep Out Deck

Our Sleep Out Deck will provide you with a romantic wilderness experience to take your breath away.


Helicopter and Scenic Flights

Opt in for a once in a lifetime experience and take to the skies on a scenic flight.


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