Bordering Kruger National Park

Discover Ximuwu’s tranquil haven adjacent to Kruger National Park. In Klaserie Private Reserve, our lodge offers unique safari experiences, with wildlife freely roaming since 1992 for authentic conservation.



Ximuwu is a brief 15-minute journey from Hoedspruit (Eastgate) Airport, which hosts several daily flights with Airlink and Cemair. Our team ensures a smooth arrival. Alternatively, drive from Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport, a scenic 6-hour journey with clear directions.

Private air charters can use Ximuwu Airstrip for direct, exclusive access. Experience the ultimate wilderness at Ximuwu, your perfect safari adventure destination.


rich history

Sprawling Wilderness

Explore the origins of Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, established in 1969 by visionary farmers who combined their lands to create a vital haven for wildlife. Officially acknowledged in 1972, today, Klaserie is a symbol of conservation and harmony with nature.

Spanning over two million hectares and seamlessly connected to Kruger National Park by unfenced borders, Klaserie facilitates the free roam of wildlife, safeguarding critical migratory paths and the flourishing of diverse species. This expansive wild area invites explorers and stands as a testament to enduring conservation efforts and the beauty of the natural world.



Spectacular Game Viewing

Set off on a thrilling journey in Klaserie Reserve, known for its exceptional wildlife viewing and intimate encounters with nature. Home to Africa’s Big 5—lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos—Klaserie is also a haven for the elusive African wild dog and the fast cheetah. Observe clever hyenas, a variety of antelopes, and over 500 bird species in their natural habitat.

Boasting a rich tapestry of life with 145 mammals, 118 reptiles, 30 amphibians, and 50+ fish species, along with over 335 types of trees, the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is a treasure trove for wildlife enthusiasts. This abundance not only enhances the reserve’s allure but also strengthens the health of its ecosystem, making each visit to Klaserie unique and profound.


Playing Our Part

Discover conservation at its best at Ximuwu, next to Kruger National Park, a hub for eco-tourism in South Africa. Known for its wide variety of life, the area offers a glimpse into the world of African flora and fauna. Ongoing efforts to conserve nature mean visitors can witness diverse wildlife all year round, making each visit unforgettable.

Located in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, Ximuwu is committed to these conservation efforts. Our aim is clear: preserve the reserve’s natural beauty and reduce our environmental impact. We’re dedicated to protecting this crucial ecosystem so future generations can enjoy and cherish it.


Reverse Osmosis Water Plant

Ximuwu is implementing sustainability with the Aquamat Reverse Osmosis Water Plant. This is a big step up from regular bottled water at safari lodges. Our cutting-edge plant tackles water waste efficiently, providing even purer water than the best-bottled brands.

Firstly, we purify each drop and then enhance it to ensure great hydration and flavor. Secondly, by producing it on-site, we reduce the need for packaging and transportation. Finally, when you enjoy our clean water, you support sustainability, thanks to Aquamat Joburg’s advanced technology.


ximuwu experiences

Explore & Unwind


"Discover the photographer's paradise at Ximuwu with our two underground photographic hides, the morning and afternoon hides, strategically positioned for the best natural lighting, ensuring stunning wildlife captures at any time of day."


Ximuwu Spa

A sanctuary to get lost in, our spa offers guests a variety of relaxing treatments just a stone’s throw from their suite. Each guest is entitled to a one-hour free spa treatment of their choice, ensuring a personalized relaxation experience.


Sleep Out Deck

"Experience romance and adventure on our breathtaking Sleep-Out Deck at Ximuwu, offering an unforgettable wilderness encounter under the stars that you won't want to miss."


Helicopter Flights

Opt in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and take to the skies on a scenic flight. Each guest receives a complimentary 30-minute helicopter ride, making your stay truly unforgettable.


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  • Witnessed a breathtaking sight at Ximuwu’s  traverse over the last few days! A massive herd of around 500 buffaloes, with adorable youngsters in tow, heading towards the Klaserie River. We need your wishes for some good rain to ensure there’s enough lush grass for these majestic grazers! 💦 🌱 
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Ready for the ultimate bush adventure? 

Join us at Ximuwu Lodge for an accessible safari, where the thrill of encountering the Big 5 awaits! 
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Tonight, we’re having a romantic dinner set up by our Ximuwu fire 🔥 

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  • Exciting news from Ximuwu :

Nestled beside our private residence, just a stone’s throw from the renowned Ximuwu Lodge, we are thrilled to introduce our newest offering: the Hideaway ! 

This charming retreat is designed for those seeking a serene escape into nature without the full array of services found at Ximuwu Lodge.

(Sorry, not wheelchair accessible)

Visit our website www.ximuwu.com for more information.
  • We witnessed a majestic tower of giraffes during the crisp early morning light 🦒 Later, the gentle giants gathered around Ximuwu dam, sipping calmly.