Discover Ximuwu in the South African wilderness, a unique safari destination. Firstly, experience diverse safaris: night, sound, photo, walking, and classic drives. Each adventure, carefully crafted, showcases rich biodiversity. Additionally, our experienced guides lead these unique journeys, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience. Moreover, immerse yourself in Africa’s heart, where every safari at Ximuwu is a gateway to the wild.

private safari guide

Exclusive Unlimited Access

At Ximuwu, enjoy the privilege of an exclusive safari with your private vehicle, guide, and tracker. Personalize your adventure in Klaserie Reserve, home to the African Big 5 and beyond. Discover wild dogs, cheetahs, hyenas, antelopes, and over 500 bird species. Furthermore, Ximuwu’s unique game drives and walks in the Greater Kruger offer intimate wildlife encounters in a secluded setting.

game drives

At Your Pace

At Ximuwu, experience a safari redefined with our adaptable game drives. Initially, choose your ideal time, be it morning or late afternoon, to align with your preferences. Our dedicated guide and tracker team stands ready to customize your exploration. Furthermore, delight in the Lowveld’s breathtaking landscapes at your own rhythm. Consequently, embark on a bespoke journey through South Africa’s enchanting terrain, exclusively tailored for you.

walking safaris

On foot with nature

Experience Africa intimately with our guided walking safaris. Firstly, walk in peace, away from vehicle noise, observing wildlife in their habitat. Additionally, enjoy a genuine wildlife experience in a natural setting, making each encounter truly special.

night drives

Night Safari Magic

Witness nocturnal wildlife behavior with state-of-the-art thermal vision goggles on our unique night safaris. Capture unforgettable moments with thermal vision binoculars from Pulsar.

sound safaris


It’s not just what you see but what you hear in the bush. Connect deeply with nature through our sound safaris, featuring directional microphones and amplifiers for a unique sensory experience

At Ximuwu, we offer an extraordinary safari journey that engages all your senses. Book your escape today and embrace the wonders of the African wilderness.”


Game Drives in Open Vehicles

Join us at Ximuwu for thrilling safari drives in our open vehicles. Firstly, experience an adventure like no other, comfortably seated in our specially designed vehicles. They feature sliding bucket seats with footrests and safety straps for your comfort.

Venture into vast landscapes and get up close with wildlife. Additionally, witness nature’s wonders unfold right before your eyes. Embark on a safari that promises excitement and memorable encounters with Africa’s wildlife.


Face to face with your favourite animal

Photographic hides

Featuring two specialized photography hides, Ximuwu provides unique vantage points. The morning hide, located near the lodge, allows for splendid early wildlife captures, while the afternoon hide, a short drive away, is ideal for diverse lighting and animal behaviors, enhancing both day and night sessions.

Both photographic hides are equipped with beanbags and power sources and accessible to all, including guests with mobility needs.

Photographers find an undisturbed paradise. The exclusivity here reimagines photographic safaris, offering an unparalleled opportunity to capture the wild as only Ximuwu can present.

memorable safaris


Unlock the magic of photo safaris at Ximuwu

Capture Incredible Memories

Kruger National Park, the crown jewel of South African safaris, beckons photographers to a world teeming with wildlife. Within its bounds, Ximuwu, nestled in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, stands out as a haven for those seeking privacy and tailor-made photographic experiences.

Ximuwu offers personalized drives and walking safaris that cater to photographers at all levels, ensuring prime lighting conditions at dawn and dusk for that perfect shot. The lodge has been thoughtfully designed to serve as the ultimate photographer’s retreat.



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Photographic hide


Crowned lapwing


Blacksmith lapwing







African wild dogs


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  • Witnessing a giraffe gracefully drinking at the waterhole today. It was an incredibly special experience, being so close to such a magnificent creature🍀
  • Experience the magic of Ximuwu Lodge by night ✨ After an exhilarating game drive, indulge in cocktails and savory meals. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two on our deck overlooking the waterhole or a lively tapas-style feast with family, the choice is yours. At Ximuwu, every moment is yours to cherish.
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  • At Ximuwu, hyenas have become a fascinating sight. They’ve claimed our afternoon hide as their go-to spot, especially during hot days when they love lounging in the water. If you’re into photography, this is your chance to capture their beauty and charm. Don’t miss out—book your stay now at Ximuwu and get ready for some amazing shots of these incredible animals!
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  • Happy Easter from Ximuwu 🐣!

Wishing you a day filled with joy and unforgettable moments with loved ones. May your Easter be as vibrant and beautiful as the wildlife surrounding us.
  • Exciting news from Ximuwu: the wild dogs are still around !!

Yesterday morning we spotted the pack of wild dogs on the hunt! With their keen senses and teamwork, they made for a thrilling sight. But guess who decided to join the party? A cheeky group of hyenas, snatching up some leftovers, including the head of a male impala! 

Later in the day, we found them chilling out in the mud at what used to be our Anderson Dam. Sadly, it’s dried up due to the dry season, but these resilient animals adapt and make the most of their surroundings. 

Just another day in the wild here at Ximuwu!
  • Join us for a unique bush experience at Ximuwu! 🌿 Our mobile bar with a pizza oven awaits you after an exhilarating game drive. Indulge in homemade pizzas and delicious cocktails amidst nature. Unwind and savor the flavors of the bush with us. 🍕