Wilderness Adventures

Embark on Ximuwu Wilderness Adventures for an unforgettable Lowveld experience. Our walking safaris, led by expert rangers, immerse you in the wilderness. Additionally, experience a magical night under the stars on our sleep-out deck, surrounded by nature’s sounds. Furthermore, elevate your adventure with a scenic helicopter flight over Blyde River Canyon, included in your stay. Marvel at breathtaking views and capture the landscape from above. Afterward, indulge in luxury spa treatments for ultimate relaxation. Enjoy relaxation on our sun deck, sip cocktails, and watch wildlife by the waterhole. Consequently, our adventures promise excitement, tranquility, and unforgettable memories at Ximuwu Lodge.

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Experience Ximuwu’s wildlife uniquely with our specially designed underground hides, optimized for natural lighting. Here, you can capture serene waterhole scenes. Firstly, visit our morning hide close to the lodge for peaceful dawn views, complete with coffee, stools, beanbags, and power outlets. Additionally, explore our afternoon hide during the golden hour. A short drive takes you there, where adjustable chairs, camera gimbals, and spotlights enhance your photography experience. Moreover, both hides are wheelchair accessible, ensuring everyone can enjoy South Africa’s wildlife splendor at Ximuwu Lodge.

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A sanctuary

ximuwu spa

Unwind at Ximuwu Spa, a tranquil garden oasis just steps from your suite, where every guest receives an hour of complimentary spa treatment, including a hair blowout option. Indulge in luxury with L’Occitane products and Africology treatments, each service thoughtfully customized by our spa therapist to ensure your relaxation. Explore our spa menu for facials, massages, nail care, and the added luxury of exclusive hair treatments. Opt for in-suite spa services, transforming your room into a personal sanctuary for ultimate privacy and comfort. This seamless integration of spa luxury into your stay enhances the peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere of Ximuwu Lodge.

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Under the Stars

sleep out deck

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our exclusive sleep-out deck. Designed for a deep nature immersion, it’s perfect for romance. Firstly, experience a wilderness retreat ideal for couples, offering stunning views and intimacy with Africa’s wild beauty.

Nestled in a secluded tree house for two, find privacy near the main lodge. Additionally, at night, let the wild’s sounds lull you to sleep under the stars. Moreover, awaken to vast skies and birdsong, welcoming a new day over Africa’s landscape.

Take to the Skies

Helicopter and Scenic Flights

Soar over Africa’s wilderness with our inclusive helicopter tours; each guest is treated to an aerial adventure. Witness vast savannahs and majestic wildlife from above. Begin with bird’s-eye views of the Lowveld, a serene landscape rich in biodiversity.

Experience the grandeur of Blyde River Canyon from the skies, where dramatic vistas unfold beneath you. Capture the stunning beauty of Africa and create memories that last a lifetime. Our exclusive flights provide unique access to natural wonders, making every moment an unforgettable experience.


Enhance your stay

Unforgettable day trips

Welcome to the Heart of Adventure
Nestled in our Safari Lodge, embark on thrilling day trips. Discover local culture, wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes right from your doorstep.

Explore Hoedspruit’s Charm
Experience the warmth of Hoedspruit, a hub of South African culture. Wander its welcoming streets, browse local shops, and taste traditional flavors. Hoedspruit pulses with community spirit.

Conservation at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre
Just a 45-minute drive away, Moholoholo Centre is a wildlife sanctuary. You support animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts by visiting and connecting with our natural heritage.

Blyde River Canyon Cruise: Scenic Wonders
Set sail through Blyde River Canyon and explore iconic landscapes. Look for wildlife as you cruise past stunning rock formations and lush greenery.



The Hippo


Jessica the Hippopotamus, a 23-year-old resident near Hoedspruit, South Africa, is a unique example of interspecies interaction. Unlike typical wild hippos, Jessica has formed an unusual bond with humans, challenging the natural boundaries typically observed between wildlife and people. Found as an infant, she was raised with human interaction, and as a result, has become accustomed to and even enjoys the presence of humans, something rarely seen in her species. Jessica’s story offers a fascinating glimpse into the potential for harmony between humans and wildlife, and serves as a reminder of the complexities of animal behavior. This gentle giant not only captivates those who visit her but also contributes to our understanding of wildlife conservation and the impacts of human-animal relationships.

Jessica The Hippo


Game Drives

"Experience the difference at Ximuwu, where our game drives are uniquely tailored to each guest's preferences and schedule, offering a personalized and flexible safari adventure unlike any conventional camp."


Walking Safaris

"Immerse yourself in the stunning African wilderness with Ximuwu's guided walking safaris, providing an up-close, personal, and unforgettable journey as you track wildlife on foot through the spectacular landscape."


Night Drives

Unveil the hidden nocturnal world of the African wilderness with Ximuwu's advanced Pulsar thermal vision goggles. Witness elephants by the dam and herds of impala and zebra across the grasslands. Enjoy a truly immersive and enlightening wildlife experience.


Sound Safaris

Explore the unique sounds of the African bush with Ximuwu's sound safaris. Immerse yourself in nature’s symphony, experiencing the wilderness as a lion does. Discover a magical, new perspective.


Photo Safaris

Kruger National Park, South Africa's top safari spot, offers unparalleled photography opportunities. At Ximuwu, enjoy exclusive access to vast landscapes, ensuring you never compete for the perfect shot. Capture stunning views and ideal lighting—it's all yours.


starlit safaris at Ximuwu

Join us for a night safari at Ximuwu Lodge, where the brilliant stars of the vast African sky light your way through the untamed wilderness. Experience the nocturnal beauty of nature in this unforgettable journey.

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  • Welcome to our Zebra Suite! Each of our four unique suites has its own distinct theme, and today we’re excited to show you around the Zebra Room. With its chic black-and-white decor and cozy ambiance, who wouldn’t want to stay here?

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  • Calling all photographers and wildlife enthusiasts! 

@karolinanoreewild recently visited Ximuwu and captured some incredible shots of our active hyena den. The photos are nothing short of amazing, showcasing the beauty and energy of these fascinating creatures. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or simply love wildlife, come experience the magic of Ximuwu and capture your own unforgettable moments.
  • A heartfelt THANK YOU to @weareafricatravel for orchestrating an amazing tradeshow! It was an honor to connect with such esteemed agents and tour operators. Your support means the world to us! Special shoutout to everyone who stopped by to learn about Ximuwu and @wheelchairsafari . Your enthusiasm and dedication to spreading the word truly warms our hearts. Let’s keep the adventure alive!
  • Sometimes, the best moments happen when you least expect them. Picture this: one of our guests decided to stay back on our lodge deck, enjoying every sip of his gin and tonic, when suddenly, nature decided to put on a show just for him. As he relaxed in the tranquility of the African bush, a lioness emerged, stalking a few wildebeest in the distance. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

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  • Huge thanks to @united, @hemi_the_mag and @hemispheresforunited ! We’re thrilled and honored to be featured in this month’s inflight magazine, showcasing our accessible lodge. It’s incredible to see our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility recognized on such a grand scale. Thank you for spreading the word and helping us create unforgettable experiences for all our guests.
  • As we embrace the crisp air and stunning landscapes of our winter season, elephants are making frequent visits to our waterholes! It’s a truly spectacular sight, and we invite all photographers to witness the magic firsthand from our photographic hide. Come stay with us at Ximuwu and capture unforgettable moments like this.