Food and Drinks

Culinary delights to complement your safari

Discover gourmet adventures at Ximuwu Lodge on your safari journey. Our private chef crafts unforgettable, diverse dishes.

Experience varied dining options. Enjoy bush picnics, elegant high teas, dinners under the stars, or relaxed poolside snacks.

Post-game drive, choose your breakfast. Opt for a hearty lodge feast or a bush spread. Relish fresh fruits, cereals, and fireside specialties.

Savor bush dinners and cocktails. Experience unique evening meals with drinks beneath the African sky, ideal for pre-night safari moments.

We prioritize freshness and locality. At Ximuwu Lodge, each meal is an escapade, enhancing your safari with culinary excellence.




Embark on a Culinary Quest: Ximuwu offers a diverse menu, from street food zest to gourmet tastes, all personalized for our guests.

Assorted Dining Delights: Sample a variety, from artisanal pizzas and casual bites to signature drinks. Group meals become interactive affairs, with choices ranging from game-time classics to tranquil meals amidst nature or in intimate indoor spots.

Unique Bush Dining: Experience extraordinary bush dining at Ximuwu. Envision serene Ximuwu Dam dinners, baobab-shaded breakfasts, or cheers with Drakensberg vistas.

Romantic Settings: Choose our secluded deck for dining under the stars. It’s an intimate backdrop for making memorable moments with loved ones.


The Bar

Elevate your safari at Ximuwu bar, a place of beauty and elegance. Our handcrafted bar is the ideal spot for a curated wine experience with expert sommelier Mr. T. He’s a connoisseur of South African and international wines, specializing in perfect pairings for our gourmet menu. Explore the art of wine selection with Mr. T’s guidance to enhance your meal. Besides wine, Mr. T is a master mixologist, crafting Moscow Mules, Whiskey Sours, and bespoke cocktails to suit your taste. With his expertise and our vast cellar, your safari will be filled with memorable moments and fine flavors.



Mobile Pizza oven

a unique taste

“Experience the charm of alfresco dining with our mobile pizza oven, where Matt and Anet craft artisanal pizzas under the stars. Join us for a slice of gourmet delight and savor the moments at our evening gatherings.”

From fine dining to street food

An Authentic Safari Experience

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  • Witnessing a giraffe gracefully drinking at the waterhole today. It was an incredibly special experience, being so close to such a magnificent creature🍀
  • Experience the magic of Ximuwu Lodge by night ✨ After an exhilarating game drive, indulge in cocktails and savory meals. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two on our deck overlooking the waterhole or a lively tapas-style feast with family, the choice is yours. At Ximuwu, every moment is yours to cherish.
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  • At Ximuwu, hyenas have become a fascinating sight. They’ve claimed our afternoon hide as their go-to spot, especially during hot days when they love lounging in the water. If you’re into photography, this is your chance to capture their beauty and charm. Don’t miss out—book your stay now at Ximuwu and get ready for some amazing shots of these incredible animals!
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  • Happy Easter from Ximuwu 🐣!

Wishing you a day filled with joy and unforgettable moments with loved ones. May your Easter be as vibrant and beautiful as the wildlife surrounding us.
  • Exciting news from Ximuwu: the wild dogs are still around !!

Yesterday morning we spotted the pack of wild dogs on the hunt! With their keen senses and teamwork, they made for a thrilling sight. But guess who decided to join the party? A cheeky group of hyenas, snatching up some leftovers, including the head of a male impala! 

Later in the day, we found them chilling out in the mud at what used to be our Anderson Dam. Sadly, it’s dried up due to the dry season, but these resilient animals adapt and make the most of their surroundings. 

Just another day in the wild here at Ximuwu!
  • Join us for a unique bush experience at Ximuwu! 🌿 Our mobile bar with a pizza oven awaits you after an exhilarating game drive. Indulge in homemade pizzas and delicious cocktails amidst nature. Unwind and savor the flavors of the bush with us. 🍕