Safari regardless of my mobility issues


Planning a safari is exciting. Once plans start, destinations are discussed, and questions arise. Now, imagine planning this with mobility issues and needing a wheelchair. Is it possible? Can you immerse yourself fully in the safari? The short answer is YES!


Ximuwu Lodge: Redefining Mobility Access

Ximuwu Lodge has revolutionized mobility access standards. This starts the moment you arrive at Hoedspruit airport.

Comfortable Transfers

We greet you with a specially designed transfer vehicle. You can travel in your wheelchair, securely fastened, or use an automated seat for easy access. The thirty-minute transfer to the lodge is smooth and comfortable.

Welcoming Environment

Upon arrival, expect warm welcomes and smiles. The lodge is designed with wheelchair users in mind. Enjoy large pathways, spacious lodge areas, and an automated pool lift. All areas are on a level, easily navigated floor with no steps.

Accessible Accommodations

Our rooms meet the highest standards. They feature fully automated beds and specially designed bathrooms. Enjoy hinged shower doors, handrails, and shower seats, all built to international accessibility standards.

Safari Experience

Your personal guide and tracker will be ready for your safari adventure. Transfer easily from your wheelchair to the game viewer using a custom-built ramp and seat. Enjoy the breathtaking wildlife journey in comfort.

Special Moments

Expect special meals or sundowners in the bush. Lodge staff will always ensure your wheelchair is brought along. Mobile ramps are put in place for full participation in these special moments.

Creating Lifelong Memories

The answer to whether you can go on safari with mobility issues is YES! Ximuwu Lodge creates safari memories that last a lifetime for everyone.

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  • A leopard may hide, but its piercing eyes never miss a thing.

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  • At Ximuwu, it’s not just about the incredible animals you’ll see on your safari. We believe that great food is a key part of an unforgettable adventure. Our talented chefs craft delicious meals that pair perfectly with a fine glass of wine.Join us for a safari experience where every moment, from the stunning wildlife to the delightful dining, becomes a cherished memory.
  • Our latest game drives have been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve spotted young male lions, wild dogs on the move, and hyenas busy finishing off a recent kill. And that’s not all. The waterhole near the lodge has been bustling with activity, offering close encounters with various wildlife. 

Come join us and witness the magic of the wild.
  • Just another beautiful day at Ximuwu! A herd of elephants are having a blast enjoying their mud bath. There’s nothing quite like watching these gentle giants cooling off and playing in the mud. Come experience the magic with us!
  • Welcome to our Zebra Suite! Each of our four unique suites has its own distinct theme, and today we’re excited to show you around the Zebra Room. With its chic black-and-white decor and cozy ambiance, who wouldn’t want to stay here?

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