Safari regardless of my mobility issues

The decision to go on a safari is an exciting one and once the ball is rolling and plans are being made, destinations are being discussed and questions start to be asked.

Now imagine having to do this when you are faced with mobility issues and need to use a wheelchair?

Is it even possible?

Can I do this independently and still be as immersed in the entire safari, regardless of my mobility issues?

The short answer to this is YES!

Ximuwu Lodge has changed the landscape for what we sure will become the industry standards for mobility access.

 This all starts from the time you arrive at Hoedspruit airport.

We will be waiting for you with a specially designed transfer vehicle that will allow you to comfortably travel to the lodge seated in your personal wheelchair, which is securely fastened into the vehicle, or you could also take the option of moving into an automated seat that lowers to a level allowing you to effortless access into and out of the vehicle from your wheelchair.

A brief thirty-minute transfer to the lodge and you arrive to smiling faces, warm welcomes and a lodge that has been designed with wheelchair users in mind. Large open pathways, lodge areas that have sufficient space between furnishings, an automated pool lift to allow brought along and you to access the pool at your leisure and all of this on a level, easily navigated, floor and deck that has no steps.

The rooms are beautifully appointed to the highest standards and feature fully automated beds, specially designed bathroom facilities with hinged shower doors, handrails, and shower seats.

All designed to international accessibility standards.

Once you have freshened up and are ready to head out on safari your personal guide and tracker will be waiting to escort you out into the Klaserie Nature Reserve to enjoy the breathtaking wildlife journey on offer. This is done from the comfort seats in the back of a game viewing vehicle that in conjunction with the custom-built ramp and a specially designed seat allow you to easily transfer from your wheelchair to the game viewer.

There may be a few surprises during your stay, these may include special meals or sundowners that are enjoyed out in the bush. The lodge staff will always ensure that your wheelchair is brought along, mobile ramps are put in place that allow you to fully partake in these special occasions.

As I said before the answer to the question of whether I can go on safari regardless of my mobility issues is YES! Ximuwu Lodge can make safari memories that last a lifetime for everyone.

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