The question of the best time to go on safari is frequently asked by visitors to any game lodge, and the truth is, there is no single “best” time. The wildlife is abundant throughout the year, and it largely comes down to personal preference. It also depends on the rest of your travel itinerary, as South Africa is a vast country with diverse climates and temperatures. This article focuses on safaris around the Kruger National Park, where Ximuwu Safari Lodge is located.


Year-Round Wildlife

At Kruger National Park, animal activity is plentiful year-round, and much depends on what kind of experience you prefer. Some guests like to combine their safari with visits to cities like Cape Town, which doesn’t always guarantee good weather at both locations simultaneously.


Summer Rainy Season (November – March)

Our summer, from the end of November to March, is the rainy season, with an average annual rainfall of 450mm. The bushveld looks lush, and rivers and waterholes fill up. The first summer rains bring the arrival of hundreds of newborn impala lambs, making it a great time for spotting wildlife and capturing photographs. This period also attracts predators like cheetahs, leopards, lions, African wild dogs, and hyenas, providing many exciting sightings.

Migratory birds, such as the woodland kingfisher, Wahlberg eagle, red-crested cuckoo, and Amur falcon, return during this season. However, the grass is long and trees are full of foliage, which can make spotting animals a bit more challenging.

The temperatures can reach up to the high 30s in Celsius, so we advise planning game drives early in the morning and late in the afternoon to avoid the heat.


Winter Dry Season (April – October)

While many guests prefer to escape the northern hemisphere’s winter by coming to Africa during our summer, the best time for wildlife observation is actually during our winter. The bushveld is open, grass is low, and animals migrate towards waterholes and non-perennial rivers due to the dry conditions. The waterhole in front of our lodge becomes a hive of activity, offering excellent wildlife viewing from the comfort of our deck.

Although the days are pleasant and warm, early mornings and late afternoons can be chilly. We provide warm water bottles and blankets for morning game drives, and you can warm up with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate during our coffee stops. Afternoon drives often start when it’s still warm, with drink stops at sunset featuring a selection of wines, gin and tonic, beers, or your preferred beverages. After sunset, the temperatures drop again, and fireplaces in both the general area and your room are lit to keep you warm.

Nights are cool, and post-dinner drinks around the campfire—either in the bush after a bush dinner or in our unique round sit Boma with views of the waterhole—offer a perfect end to the day.


Cape Town Weather

For those combining their safari with a trip to Cape Town, it’s helpful to know that Cape Town experiences most of its rainfall in June, July, and August, while the Klaserie region’s rains occur in the summer months of November to March. Understanding these different weather patterns can help you plan a more seamless and enjoyable trip.



So, when is the best time to go on safari? It ultimately comes down to personal preference and when you can find the time to travel. Rest assured, a trip to South Africa is worth it any time of the year. At Ximuwu Safari Lodge, we are ready to provide you with unforgettable experiences and help you make the most of your safari adventure, regardless of the season.

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